Step 1 – Tap the Email App icon

Email App

Step 2 – Email Account and Password

Fill in the information.
NOTE: the email account is the full address so if your email is myname@DOMAIN.com use that. Don’t use just myname.

Account and Password

Then click Manual Setup since the automatic discovery doesn’t work most of the times.

Step 3 – Mail server type

Select POP3

Account type

Step 4 – Fill in the Incoming (POP3) server information

These are the setings to receive email

Username is your full account name like myname@domain.com
Password = your password (double check it, check uppercase / lowercase and avoid extra spaces)
POP3 Server is mail.domain.com (replace domain.com with your domain name, the .com is an example, if your domain is .org or .net or whatever else, use that)
Security type should be set to None

POP3 settings

Step 5 – Fill in the Outgoing (SMTP) server information

These are the settings to send email

SMTP server is mail.domain.com
Security type should be set to None
Port should be 25 (if you are in a hotel / airport and you can receive but you can’t send mail and you get an error about the port… try to set this to port 26, some public places block port 25 to avoid spam)
Require sign in should be checked

SMTP settings

Step 6 – Account options

Here you can set up how often the app will check for email. Use values above 5 or ten minutes to avoid spamming filters and other issues.
Check the Sync Email option


And that should be it