802.11n Draft is the well known standard we can see in new routers and computers, but as the name suggests it is just a draft of the N norm that has been waiting for approval since quite some time now. The standard now is G (54Mbps), N provides data rates up to 600 Mbps.

The delays on the aproval of this norm was caused by changes in the organizations that are in charge of these standars and the research and maintenance revolving around it. However if everything goes as planned at the end of 2009 we will be able to add some speed to our wireless network.802.11n Draft, lo que se ve en varios routers y computadoras, es simplemente una norma para redes inalámbricas que está en pruebas. Con respecto a la norma G (54Mbps) la norma n ofrece velocidades de hasta 600 Mbps.

Esta norma tuvo muchas demoras en los útlimos años por diferentes cambios en las organizaciones encargadas en investigar y mantener y aprobar la misma. Sin embargo parece que a fin de año las redes inalambricas van a poder ser un poco más rápidas.