Microsoft – Yahoo Deal Now a Fact


After Microsoft initial bid on Yahoo back in February 2008 and after several rumors today it is a fact. Microsoft and Yahoo agreed to join forces at last.

Two months have passed since Bing’s launch, Google maintains it’s omnipresence on the web and Bings seems to be getting some search engine share from Yahoo, plus the crisis, it seems both giants finally saw all the elements to join forces:

Yahoo will use Bing’s searches and in exchange Microsoft will get access to Yahoo’s huge client base in the advertisement market since it is much bigger than Bing’s (formerly Windows Live / MSN Search).

Together they would represent 30% of the search market against Goolge 65%, and the rest 5%.

The deals still needs approvement from the US Government but it seems there are already some numbers in the table and some strong points about how they will deploy this sort of merge.

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