Google Will End Support for Internet Explorer 6

Starting in March Google will drop support for the Internet Explorer 6 browser. This move, entitled in their blogs as “Modern Browsers for Modern Applications” was justified not only by the age of the browser but also aiming to provide a better service for Google Docs and other online applications.

The initiative began months ago and now it seems to be a reality. The problem: old browsers are slow, unsecure and don’t support new tecnology standars like CSS and AJAX correctly.

Some people claim that this move was also influenced by the recent attacks to Google in China were Operating System and Browser vulnerabilities were exploited in order to harm Google’s network.

IE6 is still in use since several applications, specially in the corporate level, were designed specifically for this browser and the cost to upgrade these machines is sometimes very hig. However Microsoft and other known businesses offered different solutions to help people to move to a newer browser.

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