Back, announcements and nonsense

Ok, vacations are over. It has been a long time since my last entry and today I saw the first interesting thing to start again… and it has nothing to do with IT.

In the last months my job lost some magic. Those who know me are aware that I started this as a hobby and it turned to be a full time job. I want to regain a little magic back (and make it profitable). So I will do some changes about the way I work… I? still not sure how or when but it will be soon.

In other news, back to the start of this post… there are actually two pieces of news that I would like to comment. First (the thing that has nothing to do with IT): my favorite game, Lord of the Rings Online will be F2P (Fre to Play) by the end of the year. It is big news, drastic change, and I? sure it has something to do with Warner Brothers buying Turbine, the business that created the game. I’ll check that one later… that game also needs some magic back too.

The second piece of news is that Google says it will ditch Windows. Microsoft added a blog entry with some opinions. Long story short… they should stop messing around with it. We all need to search for whatever fits better. This has become a marketing thingy. Google has interests, its own operating system, etc. And Microsoft is… well … Microsoft. It is time for things to change or improve and this depends on you… yeah, you! the person reading this.

Ok that’s all. Lets see what the rest of the year has to offer.

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